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As a Consortium, we are in a position to negotiate with companies and sponsors to obtain discounts and benefits for all Consortium colleges, all of which are outlined below along with relevant contact details and links if you wish to find out more.

To take advantage of any offer listed below, please get in touch with us here at the BLC.

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  • starArticulate Storyline
    Articulate Storyline 2

    We have secured a reduced purchase price for all Consortium members for Articulate Storyline 3 at a saving of up to 50% per license. Considered an industry standard tool for e-learning development. We recommend SL3 to all BLC members due to it's rich features and familiar interface. Contact us for more details:

    For advice on using Storyline visit the Articulate community:

  • starAppAtSchool
    AppAtSchool logo

    AppAtSchool is focussed on improving the learning experience for apprenticeship students. AppAtSchool enables the ‘Golden Triangle’. AppAtSchool supports a real-time, 3 way dialogue between the student, college, and work-place employer, delivering a blended learning infrastructure across a mobile environment. We are pleased to offer to all members of the Blended Learning Consortium (BLC-FE):

    • Free use of AppAtSchool software during pilots initiated before March 31st 2018 **
    • 50% discount on AppAtSchool software ordered before March 31st 2018

    Schools are facing big challenges. Competition between educational institutions has risen, both nationally and internationally. The pressures continue to mount, to show results in combination with budget cuts, under funding, rise of pupil numbers and inspection and performance measures. This reinforces the challenge to enable and empower students to co-design with teachers in a disciplined way how they learn and acquire knowledge. The potential for technology to support teachers working in conjunction with students is significant.

    Schools are facing big challenges. Competition between educational institutions has risen, both nationally and internationally. The pressures continue to mount, to show results in combination with budget cuts, under funding, rise of pupil numbers and inspection and performance measures. This reinforces the challenge to enable and empower students to co-design with teachers in a disciplined way how they learn and acquire knowledge. The potential for technology to support teachers working in conjunction with students is significant.

    AppAtSchool logo

    The digital revolution is reshaping the way we teach our students. Large numbers of students use their tablets or phones in everyday life, but the use of this equipment is not yet fully integrated into the educational system. Students today expect colleges to be able to incorporate advanced technology into their curriculum, but too many colleges still teach our students in classes and batches. For many years the educational system has been offering students one singular teaching methodology in a fixed timeline for all students. Transformation to a more mobile and student oriented digital education offers many possibilities.

    AppAtSchool logo

    With rising student expectations and demands, integrated and streamlined apps for mobile use can ensure a smoother, more cost efficient teaching process. Institutions need to invest in infrastructure, teaching and career support to attract students. AppAtSchool can help your institution transform to a new educational future. AppAtSchool organises customised flexible educational processes for teachers and students, based on modern digital technology. We build a strong business case for your college by using Apps in combination with an online platform.

    AppAtSchool logo

    AppAtSchool helps to identify how best to incorporate a global and future outlook into your current teaching strategies and brings a new educational delivery system to your institution. AppAtSchool takes education, vocation and location of your student out of the classroom. AppAtSchool supports the application, implementation and the service of mobile equipment and apps for educational purposes. AppAtSchool offers customer oriented, flexible educational processes supported by digital technology. Through using Apps in combination with an online environment we are able to transform education into an efficient and modern teaching method.

    For more information:

    Or contact us directly:

    ** Support for pilots is subject to available resources.

  • starThe Association for Learning Technology
    Association for Learning Technology logo

    The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is proud to offer members a 20% discount on Organisations Membership and a 20% reduction in registration fees for CMALT. To find out more about the benefits of ALT membership visit thier website.

    Click here for more information about the available offer:

  • starBESTest

    BESTest is a brand new employability skills diagnostic assessment providing an objective and accurate assessment of a learners work readiness. It has been designed to help providers:

    • identify and agree learners' baseline strengths and weaknesses
    • design tailored and personal learning plans based upon those strengths and weaknesses
    • assess suitability
    • accurately track and measure distance travelled

    This psychometric assessment quickly, accurately and objectively measures your learners' employability skills. It is taken on line and can be completed in just 10 minutes. As well as an overall score each learner receives a set of ten underlying scores that relate to the usual employability skills indicators such as; interview techniques and job search skills, and to those personal qualities such as; motivation and sociability, that make all the difference with employers.

    Blended learning consortium members are able to access a discount of up to a 50% discount on all learner licences up to a value of £1,000. More information can be found on the Reed NCFE website:

    Alternatively, contact Stephen at directly:

  • starbulb

    bulb is a beautiful, easy to use, web-based digital portfolio.

    bulb is where students and educators curate and create, share and showcase their excellence.

    bulb provides an innovative, easy and powerful ePortfolio environment to study, socialise and showcase student and educator academic achievements and brilliance.

    Please review this brief video for a quick overview:

    bulb is built for both the educator and the student. bulb users gather information, develop ideas and then share and showcase their work in a beautiful format. And, most importantly, bulb is uniquely designed so the user owns, creates, updates and continues to enhance their content for life no matter where their educational and occupational learning journey leads them.

    Students use bulb digital portfolios to document the learning process, reflect on past work, showcase final products, receive feedback, make adjustments and develop a healthy digital presence.

    Educators use bulb to model to their students the importance and practical application of a career digital portfolio. They do this by capturing their own goals, growth, continuing education and reflection, as well as designing lessons and assignments to deliver quality curriculum to their students.

    "Electronic portfolios are no longer just a good idea; they are an exceptional and a powerful element of college and career readiness"

    Emerging Edtech Magazine

      As an academic tool:

    • bulb encourages collaboration – features allow students and teachers to easily interact with one another and effectively engage in a peer review process.
    • bulb emphasizes the documentation & refinement of process – learning is far more than just the final product; research shows that showing work and demonstrating the process of discovery is fundamental to knowledge acquisition.
    • bulb promotes formative assessment – educators can more easily identify their students’ strengths, abilities and passions. Differentiate students based on what they actually accomplish rather than just a test score or a GPA.
    • bulb develops healthy digital citizenshipbulb equips students to understand what is appropriate online and how to manage their online presence.
    • As software:

    • bulb is easy – we believe technology should make life better. Digital Portfolios ought to make the collection, curation and showcasing of knowledge simple. bulb lives by the 90/10 rule: 90% of your time should go to creating and showcasing ideas and 10% should go to getting to know the tool.
    • bulb is beautiful – a portfolio should be something to be proud of. bulb is meticulous about beautiful design and its purpose is to make ideas beautiful and compelling.
    • bulb is compatible – good tools should interact well with other education software. bulb connects easily with Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology and many more essential education apps.
    • BESTest

      As a lifelong tool:

    • bulb is practical – your work, ideas, inventions and musings should be easy to create and always available to you for refinement, sharing and showcasing.
    • bulb is portable – learning and content creation should be possible anywhere. bulb is web-based, so it goes with you everywhere, on any device. Wherever you go, bulb is always with you.
    • bulb is private – your work should be protected. Only you should decide who sees your work and when they see it. If you want to make your work available to specific individuals or the general public you can; if you never want anyone to see it, that’s an option, too.
    • bulb is personal – your work should always be your own. No matter where you teach, where you learn, or what you do with the work you’ve created, it should be yours forever, to use however and whenever you wish.

    Buy bulbSchool for a special price as a BLC member

    • Up to 10,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £1750
    • 10,001 to 20,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £3000
    • Over 20,001 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £5000

    The above special pricing models allow;
    - all staff & students to use bulb during the first year of usage
    - staff to benefit from free-of-charge online training at the time of deployment
    - only active users will be charged in years two and three

    Examples of Excellent Educator and Student bulb Portfolios:

    View this pdf for more information about bulb:

    bulb website:

    bulbSchool product site:

    Email us for more information about bulb:

  • starCanvas

    The Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) was established to facilitate and empower colleges to benefit from the creation and sharing of FE specific resources so that they can meet the FELTAG agenda criteria.

    As of today, BLC member colleges who make the move to the Canvas VLE will be able to access BLC content directly from the Canvas virtual learning environment and import BLC materials into their courses quickly and with ease.

    FE colleges that have moved to Canvas and are incorporating BLC content into their courses include: The Grimsby Institute, Salford City College, The Manchester College, Belfast Metropolitan College, South Essex College, Hull College and the Career Colleges Trust.

    The BLC has negotiated a time-limited Canvas offer for its members:

    Open offer details in PDF format:

    To learn more about how Canvas can make teaching and learning easier for you, please email sales:

    Or visit canvasvle.co.uk today:

  • starCengage Learning
    Cengage Learning logo

    The Blended Learning Consortium has negotiated a 40% discount on a range of textbooks and e-books published by Cengage, including books on Beauty, Hairdressing, Catering and Automotive. Visit the Cengage website for more information.

    Click here for more information about the available offer:

  • starCentury Intelligent Learning
    Century Intelligent Learning

    CENTURY is an adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence, the power of big data analytics and insights drawn from cognitive neuroscience to improve learning outcomes for students. Visit thier website for more information.

    We want all colleges to benefit from the opportunities offered by CENTURY and are offering a 20% discount to members of the consortium. The discounted rate includes:

    • access to the platform's maths and English GCSE and Functional Skills content
    • access for all learners to their personalised recommended learning path
    • access for teachers to the content management system to create and upload your own content
    • access to the teacher dashboard, which provides data and insights into your students' learning
    • training on how best to use CENTURY

    Email CENTURY to learn more about the offer and to arrange a platform demonstration.

  • starCPOMS

    CPOMS is a revolutionary software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, SEND and a whole range of pastoral and welfare issues. Working alongside a school’s existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system to help with the management of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, special educational needs, domestic issues and much more. Using CPOMS, schools can ensure that students are safe and fully supported, whilst school staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration. CPOMS is the clear market leader in the sector trusted by over 3300 schools – it’s “the glue that pulls everything together”

    10% off the first 2 years - Orders must be placed by September 29th 2017

    For more information visit CPOMS online at:

  • starDigiExam

    DigiExam enables students to write high-stakes exams on their own digital device in a secure and reliable environment.

    Students who use DigiExam are empowered to construct higher quality answers with increased efficiency and have confidence that our local client technology will continue to provide full functionality with no loss of data if internet connection is lost.

    Through a comprehensive set of tools, teachers can create and grade exams efficiently while providing timely feedback to students on their written and multiple choice responses.

    DigiExam currently serves over 1,000 universities and schools in 50+ countries and are the proud winners of the 2017 BETT Award for 'Higher Education /Further Education - Digital Services'.

    As part of our new partnership with the Blended Learning Consortium we are delighted to offer members two choices of discounted service to best meet your needs:

    1. Discounted rate of £5 per FE student, per year for any number of licenses (ongoing offer representing 25% discount)


    2. £900 for unlimited student licenses until the end of December 2017 if purchased by the end of June 2017

    Both offers include unlimited access to DigiExam for students and their teachers giving them the ability to sit or create as many exam papers as they need.

    Contact Dave Millichap - Business Development Manager (UK):

    t: 07786385391

    Try DigiExam for free:

    DigiExam overview:

  • starElli
    enlighten logo

    Defines the Learner's Journey

    ELLI, product of research at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, has been validated among more than 100,000 students and others seeking to change their life choices. It does not ‘pigeon-hole’ as the psychometric tools traditionally do but ELLI’s 7 dimensions direct and monitor the learner’s journey over time.

    Learning interventions and methods appropriate to this student learner

    Learning interventions and methods

    Course and teaching methods unsuitable with motivation rekindled by change

    Course and teaching methods


    Student competition:

    Student competition - student entry guidelines:

    Staff competition EXCLUSIVE to BLC faculty:

    Story of Elli:

    For more informatio contact Dr Juliet Williams CBE:
    t: (+44) 7831 097946

    Visit Elli on the web:

  • starEnlighten
    enlighten logo

    Enlighten are an award-winning eLearning solutions team who have over 40 years of experience in the education sector with branches across the Midlands. We work with you to determine which eLearning solutions will best meet your specific vision and offer a complete service, including auditing, course writing, face to face training, bespoke and off the shelf online packages, eLearning implementation plans, seminars and AR/VR services.

    Enlighten are offering special AR/VR related discounts for BLC colleges.

    We provide a wide range of virtual & augmented reality training solutions including:

    • Our award winning interactive 3D AR/VR Virtual construction site
    • Zappar - Augmented Reality Platform
    • Virtual Reality solutions

    Read more about this offer:

    Or contact Steve Wileman for more information:

  • starGlobal Vocational Skills
    gvs logo

    Global Vocational Skills is a UK based company specializing in digital learning, with thousands of users globally.

    Our content, i-GVS, is designed to help improve delivery of vocational skills based training.

    This is delivered by own cloud based platform, GVS PiLOT, which provides access to individually tailored metrics and reports, and integrates seamlessly with your VLE.

    BLC members special offer

    BLC members will get a special price with a 50% discount for 20-30 learning hours of your selected content for each i-GVS product.

    The i-GVS products are in the following areas:

    • Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2
    • Food and Beverage Service Level 2
    • Food Production and Cooking Level 2
    • Health and Social Care (Adults) Level 3
    • Hairdressing Level 3
    • Business Administration Level 2
    • Plumbing and Heating Level 2
    • Carpentry and Joinery Level 2
    • Painting and Decorating Level 2
    • Electrical Installation Level 2
    • Bricklaying Level 2
    • Customer Service Level 3

    With this bundle, you get the following benefits:

    • Free access to delivery platform GVS PiLOT which provides reports, analytics and metrics of user activity
    • Free access to the Content Management System (CMS) – a customisation tool that allows to add or edit products content
    • Sample Schemes of Work for each unit/topic
    • Downloadable tutor support materials

    Please contact us for more information:

    t: +44(0)203 865 0401

    Alternatively visit our website:

  • staritslearning
    itsLearning logo

    Collaborating tutors and students through a 360º transparent learning platform. Itslearning have what it takes to revolutionise learning outcomes, to improve social learning, communications and peer assessment. It is an intuitive, modern learning platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere.
    We are offering special discounts for colleges who are members of Blended Learning Consortium. Whether you are an individual college or groups of colleges, our cost-effective packages allow you to benefit from economies of scale.

    The discount on license price is as follows:

    • Individual college - 20%
    • 2-4 colleges - 30% (minimum of 5,000 users)
    • 5 colleges** or more - 50% (minimum of 15,000 users)

    Be part of this exclusive offer | Be part of the itslearning world

    Click here for more information about the available offer:

    Email Kate Kendall directly for more information:

  • starLumici Slate
    Lumici Slate logo

    Lumici Slate is a brand new cloud based platform with no maintenance, no managed hosting, no administration required. Members of the consortium can get a 20% discount on the annual subscription of Lumici Slate – that’s just £1995 per year.

    Click here for more information about the Lumici Slate platform:

  • starMicrolearn

    MicroLearn is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Blended Learning Consortium.

    At MicroLearn, we do things a bit differently because we know learning is personal. That’s why we develop our cost-effective, off-the-shelf learning resources to suit your organisation. We all learn differently, so why should all learning be the same?

    Take a look at how our engaging resources perfectly coincide with the Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship:

    To create truly effective and engaging content, we decided that we needed to take a fresh approach to learning development. With this ethos, we have designed a catalogue of resources which can be tailored to the learning needs of your organisation. Whether you need a compact learning module, or only have time for a 2 minute video, you’ll find the resources right for you.

    We are happy to offer all Consortium members a price of £2500 for our entire ever-growing range! Take a look at our catalogue here:

    Why not try some of our resources for FREE yourself?

    For more information, you can visit our website or contact us directly:

    Alternatively, they can be contacted directly for further details about their training solutions:

  • starmyday
    myday logo

    The Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) was established to facilitate and empower colleges to benefit from the creation and sharing of FE specific resources so that they can meet the FELTAG agenda criteria.

    myday is a revolutionary portal and mobile app used by forward thinking colleges across the UK. Our vision is to equip ambitious educational organisations with an integrated Digital Campus gateway that delivers the ultimate online experience, leading to increased recruitment, participation and satisfaction.

    myday helps colleges align with the FELTAG agenda by providing access to all the digital resources students require for their academic day, all in one easy to access place with everything at their fingertips.

    To read about our current offer and pricing, open the following document:

    To learn more about how myday can help you with your FELTAG agenda, please email Adam at Collabco:

    To see how one college have implemented myday and are using it on a daily basis, take a look at this short

    Or visit our website to find out more:

  • starThe National Extension College

    The National Extension College (NEC) is pleased to launch a new partnership with the Blended Learning Consortium. The partnership will give Consortium members a 20% discount on licence fees for NEC’s flexestudy online learning resources and highly regarded course materials. Flexestudy resources from NEC can be used:

    • in blended learning programmes or a flipped classroom
    • for individual support and reinforcement alongside face to face delivery
    • as revision and resit practice material for learners at any level
    • in bespoke vocational programmes with college resources added if required
    • to encourage engagement with online learning using a variety of media, quizzes, self-assessment styles, and forums
    • as a complete self-study online course with customisable tutorial support

    Our first exciting new offer is flexestudy Maths for the new GCSE (9-1) specification from Edexcel at both Foundation and Higher levels. The first of 37 stand-alone topics, grouped into 10 sections will be available in January (e.g. fractions, decimals, angles, algebra, probability, quadratics, trigonometry). See the attached leaflet from the recent AoC conference for more information.

    For Consortium members, there is a special introductory price for the first 3 sections of GCSE Maths and preferential fee for all 10 sections when available. To access a sample section of flexestudy Maths GCSE, contact:

    For further information on Maths GCSE and other flexestudy resources, and to purchase licences, contact:

    AoC workshop leaflet:

  • starNavigate

    As the market-leading Work-Related Learning Platform, Navigate supports every aspect of the Study Programme learner journey. What’s more, it provides colleges with all the evidence they need to satisfy inspection of employability skills, work experience and employer engagement.

    Navigate is designed to:

    Assess employability skills:

    • Engaging online initial diagnostic and distance travelled assessments
    • Bespoke assessments to match college employability frameworks
    • Cohort starting point and distance travelled reports
    • National benchmarking reports

    Evidence Work-Related Learning:

    • ‘Off the shelf’ online learning content
    • Bespoke learning content to match college programmes
    • Evidencing learning through an innovative online portfolio, allowing learners to upload photos, videos and documents
    • Motivating completion of employability activity through instant certification

    Track work experience:

    • Tracking every learner’s work placement preparation
    • Collating all work experience documentation in a single online space
    • Capturing placement activity through online journals, that include photo and video
    • Evidencing learner performance through online employer feedback

    Encouraging engagement:

    • Smartphone-friendly
    • Links directly to leading eILP’s
    • Full engagement reporting
    • High quality training and dedicated customer support

    We’d be happy to show you how Navigate can drive up Work-Related Learning in your college, and drive down all of your associated costs. Simply contact us to book a chat:

    Alternatively, phone Chris on: (01634) 729 818

    In addition, we are pleased to offer members of the Blended Learning Consortium a 25% discount on all learner licenses for Navigate.

  • starOvert

    Blended Learning Consortium ‘Autumn Term’ savings from Overt Software

    We are based in the UK and provide solutions to businesses and educational institutions all over the world. Overt Software has harnessed the power of open source software and has developed a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) packages.

    With our ethos of “exceptional service and honest expert advice”, being at the heart of everything we do, we are happy to give a 20% discount for Consortium Members for the first year (new customers to Overt Software only).

    Hosted Moodle Solution

    Our hosted servers are backed up by our complete range of server support activities. This package gives you a worry-free hosted solution, ideal for ensuring the smooth running of your applications. We give you a truly excellent solution for a busy institutional environment.

    Mahara Cloud e-Portfolio

    We can integrate your Mahara e-Portfolio with Moodle to take advantage of Moodle’s tracking, reporting and grading functionality. We create true single-sign-on between both Mahara and Moodle systems.

    Shibboleth Cloud Single Sign-On

    We understand that managing hundreds of user accounts that access online resources only adds to the daily load within the LRC & IT Departments. With Overt’s Shibboleth single sign-on solution, staff & learners are able to access online resources 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Shibboleth Azure AD/ADFS Authentication Module (SAAM)

    With more and more organisations utilising the power of Azure/Office 365 and ADFS a new problem has emerged. Users are now needing to sign on to multiple SSO systems (Azure AD/ADFS and Shibboleth) negating the benefits that SSO brings. That is why we have developed SAAM, as this bridges the authentication between the multiple SSO systems allowing users to simultaneously sign on to Azure AD/ADFS as well as Shibboleth (or another SSO system). This means that the user only needs 1 login to access all of their resources - bringing back true SSO.


    We are providing free Cloud IdP when you purchase our SAAM products. Please go to the samlservices website for more information:

    If you are interested in any of our packages and want to take advantage of our Blended Learning Consortium discounts, please feel free to contact our sales team:

    Alternatively, contact Graham Mason for more information:

    t: 07817 933 669

  • starThe Skills Network

    The Skills Network proposes to offer Prevent to members of the Blended Learning Consortium with access to the resource being made available via our online learning platform, EQUAL.

    It allows learners to undertake their study in an exciting and interactive e-learning environment. The system not only supports learners’ development, but also includes tutor access and intelligent data management tools which cover all aspects of blended and distance learning delivery.

    Click here for more information about the offer:

  • starSpiral

    Spiral.ac is a classroom learning platform which:

    • Handles answers from every student for every question
    • Records teacher feedback
    • Invites students to improve their original answers
    • Breaks questions into visual and text-based steps
    • Makes presentations and video interactive
    • Tracks individual contributions to group presentations

    We're the fastest way to carry out formative assessment, simple to use and beautiful to look at. The Institute of Education helped with the pedagogy, we are based in the UK and have 30,000 teachers signed up worldwide.

    BLC members benefit from 20% off college plans (the full price is $2 per student). This includes:

    • Admin, teacher and student dashboards with unlimited use of the apps
    • Training from a Spiral trainer and access to how-to videos (see link below)
    • Full LMS integration for flipped learning and single sign-on

    Take it for a spin at spiral.ac:

    Alternatively, contact Ben at Spiral with any questions:

    How-to videos:

  • starVirtual College

    Virtual College is one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning, amassing over 2 million learners in their 21 years of experience in the field. Recently chosen as the ‘learning technologies supplier of the year’, Virtual College has been widely recognised for the way its training positively impacts individuals, teams and organisations.

    Partnering with Virtual College provides Consortium members with a 20% discount off any initial orders with the company, as well as the following benefits:

    • free access to the Career VOOCs, short online course that introduce learners to careers within a specific vocational sector
    • unlimited access to the Employability suite of courses hosted on Virtual College’s Learning Management System for the reduced price of £1000 per college
    • a free learning technology consultancy session with one of the company’s education e-learning consultants who can discuss how Virtual College content can help meet student training requirements
    • access to the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework self-assessment template within our online Audit Tool free for 1 year.

    For full information on how Virtual College can satisfy your training requirements, visit their company website:

    Alternatively, they can be contacted directly for further details about their training solutions: